Registration to the Association and fees

Registrations to the Association are submitted via the players portal Registration can be done by a natural person over the age of 15. In case of a request from persons under the age of 15, confirmation of a legal representative is required.

Membership fees

New ČADG member – 50% discount for the first year – In order to welcome new members, we have decided to benefit the membership fee with a 50% discount for the first year of membership. Definition of a new member: A player who has never or has not been a member of ČADG in the last four (4) years (i.e. has not been a member of ČADG in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017). The 50% discount is provided from the amount that corresponds to the way the player registers – a member of the ČADG club (base 400 CZK/year) or a basic membership in ČADG (500 CZK/year).

ČADG club member – fee 400 CZK/year – For players who are members of one of the registered clubs under ČADG, the fee has been maintained 400 CZK/year. By registering through the club, the player saves CZK 100. From this adjustment we expect to strenghten the club bases and further creation of new clubs. With a larger player base, clubs have a better chance to get support for their opperations from the city/county office.

Basic ČADG membership – 500 CZK/year – The basic membership of ČADG for 2021 is set at CZK 500. This amount will be paid by a player who is not a member of any ČADG club.

Junior discount – 50% discount – juniors under 19 receive a 50% discount on the membership fee (in the whole calendar year 2021 the player does not complete 19 years). The discout is added to other discounts. Example: A junior belonging to the ČADG club will pay CZK 200, if he is not a member of any club, he will pay CZK 250. If he is also a “new member”, the payment will be 100, respectively 125 CZK. The junior discount applies on all players who are entitled to compete in any junior category, according to the PGDA rules. Thus, in the entire year 2021 the player will not turn 19 years.

Non-member fees

For the players who are not members of ČADG and will want to participate in tournaments under ČADG (e.g. regional league, and 2.nd league, Czech Championship and it’s alternatives) the registration fee for the individual tournaments is set as follows:

Regional DG league: CZK 50 in addition to the entry fee for each individual tournament.

2. DG league: CZK 100 in addition to the entry fee for each individual tournament.

1. DG league and the Czech Championship: CZK 200 in addition to the entry fee for each individual tournament.

The fee covers insurance of the player against damage to health and property for the specific tournament, a fee for the use and development of the platform and the operation of ČADG.

N tournaments

During the 2021 season, a fee will be introduced for using the platform for “N” tournaments. After making the necessary changes, we will notify you about the launch in advance.

The establishment of the so-called N-tournament, i.e. a tournament that does not fall under the ČADG (it is not included in the RDGL, 2 nd and 1st DG Leagues and is not the Czech Championships), will be charged CZK 100/tournament during 2021. Most of the similar tournament platforms are subject to a fee. Our aim is to set the fee for the use of the platform sensitively enough so that the value of the service provided is balanced and at the same time so that the fee is not discouraging. Compared to the vast majority of foreign platforms, the fee is still low.

Although the 2020 season was affected by the situation caused by COVID-19, approximately 100 events per year are held outside the auspices of ČADG. Some of them are trainings or notifications of events such as EDGC, NBDG, etc., however, N-tournaments dominate.

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