Czech disc golf clubs

Disc golf clubs are cornestones of disc golf in the Czech Republic as such. Thanks to clubs and their activities in the regions, it is possible to expand the player base and create disc golf conditions that will correspond to professional sports.

That is why clubs have the main decisive word on the direction of the Czech Disc Golf Association, especially during voting at the Membership Meeting and the election of the Executive Board and the Control Commission.

The vote of each club corresponds to the number of its members. Member means that a member of the club is also a member of ČADG. The number of votes of the club is determined according to the following ratio:

  • from 1 to 10 members inclusive – 1 vote
  • from 11 to 35 members inclusive – 2 votes
  • from 36 to 100 members inclusive – 3 votes
  • from 101 to 250 members inclusive – 4 votes
  • from 251 and more members – 5 votes

The current number of club members is available on the player portal

Association club members

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