About the Association

Czech Disc Golf Association, z.s.(hereinafter referred to as ČADG) is a registered association, established during 2011 with the aim of creating an independent organization, that would associate disc golf players in the Czech Republic, protect their interests, organize the Czech Disc Golf League and promote disc golf to the general public.

ČADG follows the Czech Association of Flying Disc (ČALD), which in the past successfully ensured the functioning of all associated sports. In 2019 ČALD turned into an umbrella organization for individual sports, in particular ultimate frisbee, disc golf and freestyle frisbee. Each of the associated sports is proportionally represented in ČALD according to the number of its members.

In 2019, a significant change in the structure of the ČADG took place. The amendment of the statutes introduced the membership of clubs in the ČADG, which thus became the main coordinators in the direction of the association. List of clubs that are members of ČADG.

Membership in the association

ČADG has two kinds of members, namely natural person and a legal person = clubs.

The decisive word for the direction of the association and the entire disc golf course in the Czech Republic have the legal entities, the clubs. Thus the clubs that:

  • are society, in terms of § 214 and the Civil Code,
  • whose members are natural persons, mainly disc golf players, who are ČADG members
  • the society is not in bankruptcy.

Clubs that are members of the ČADG have the right to participate in membership meetings and vote for individual discussed items of the meetings, including the election of individual persons to the bodies of the association.

Bodies of the association

Detailed information on the bodies and their scope can be found in the Statutes of the Association, which are available on the Association’s website in the Documents section. Below just some basic information.

Executive Board – is a statutory body of ČADG and has a maximum of 7 members. The tenure of a member of the Executive Board is 2 years. The last election of the Executive Board took place in December 2020.

Membership meeting – is the highest body of ČADG. The scope of membership meetings includes in particular the approval process of the ČADG activity plan and budget, including the amount and frequency of membership fees, the election and withdrawal of members of the executive boards and the control commission, etc.

Control Commission – is the controlling body of ČADG. The Commission has 3 members and the tenure is 3 years.

Information about what is happening in the Association

Since the last Membership meeting in December 2020, the Executive Board meets weekly on Tuesdays. Minutes of these meetings are published on the association’s website in the Documents section.

Furthermore, we try to inform not only the members of the association through the youtube channel “Český discgolf s nadhledem“, which focuses on information about what is happening in the management of the Association and interviews with people who are trying to move Czech Disc Golf further.

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